Block of Time | FAQs
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What is Block Of Time?

Block of Time is basically a time slot you can buy with our multi-talented agency in order to tackle any project(s) you may have in the pipeline. Within this time, you can use a great variety of services our office provides. Let’s say you acquire a 15-hour block of time (BOT): You can use 5 hours creating stationary material, and the other 10 hours building a landing page that acts as a lead generator for your own company.

How does Block Of Time work?

Once you decide on what Block Of Time plan suits your company the best, you are in control of how your time gets used.
Our company will provide yours with a project management system where you can keep track of your time and see how its being used; You can leave comments and get replies right in the platform.

What happens when my times runs out?

Once your time depletes, you can choose to buy extra hours (in case your project needs small adjustments before completion) or you can choose to buy another Block Of Time to address other ventures.

What if I don't use my time within a month?

Currently, your Block Of Time does not expire at the end of the month, unless it is the last month of the year. To put it simply: your Block of Time hours can rollover to the next calendar month, but all Blocks Of Time purchased must be used before the year’s end.

Do certain services have a higher hourly cost than others?

Not with us. Under your Block Of Time, you can use any service available to you.

How do I track how my BOT is being spent?

When you sign up for a Block Of Time, you get access to our Project Management System. In there, you will interact with the agent(s) assigned to your project, check progress, time invested, etc.